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     Therapeutic Sanctuary (#7488)  focuses on treatments, exploring healing methods from various places around in the World.  The aim is to reduce chronic pain, tension, adhesions and stress and enhance well being . Sharing all kinds of self-care nourishments, therapeutic motion exercises, and other wholistic self-care methods are part of a individually tailored session. Each person is treated according to the results of their assessment and their need. 
Karin from Therapeutic Sanctuary graduated from the University of Washington (BFA) and Brenneke Massage School (Cortiva Institute)  in Seattle. Besides, she also has a 800-hour training in Ayurveda which included its application for massage, and an 800-hour training in Yoga Philosophy. She did a 3-month yoga-training and has a yoga-teacher certificate. Overall there is an open minded interest in any kind of research which helps to bring balance to the body/mind.

Practical and educational explorations include:
● 6 month practical applications of ayurveda for massage therapy and other     ayurvedic studies (as Certified Ayurvedic Educator)
● 2 Japanese Anma intensives
● 2  Lomi Lomi intenives in Hawaii
● Ayurveda for massage 
● Liebscher & Bracht Pain Management from Germany
●Thai Bodywork training in the US and in Thailand.
● Countless hours of yoga trainings and 800-hours of traditional yoga-philosophy.

Teaching Experiences Include:
● Ayurvedic care for beginners, yoga, and other pain reducing motion exercises, ●Liebscher & Bracht 
● Diverse therapeutic self-care and water therapies.
● Anatomy for yoga students.
● Ayurveda, yoga, general wellness.
● Herbal wraps
 ●Simple low cost spa techniques for everyone to be practiced in the comfort of ones own home.
● Facial routines, facial massage and baby massage
Herbal wraps


Bodywork and Motion
Lets explore one or more of systems to mobilize restricted areas in order to re-create a free flow of energy. We may together create new circumstances for change in your bodymind. 

The video on the left is from the [email protected] System From Germany, for instance, which uses a pain-relief Code plus exercise.  Similar practices may be taught method after a  releaxing treatment massage.                        


The Healing Forces of Therapeutic​​

Some forms of massage treatments and movement are familiar to all cultures. Our daily stress can create contractions or adhesions at vital joints and nerve pathways can get blocked which can lead to various dysfunctions. It is important to identify areas which hold restrictions, the natural flow of vitality and prompt the appropriate muscles to release from often painful fixated conditions. 

Free assessments, which go through your daily routine, are designed to determine the cause of your conditions. By modifying your daily routine through motion, posture analysis, gait and sleeping positions, it is possible to limit undue stress in your muscular system and joints. Some basic stretches and/or well designed Liebscher & Bracht range of motion exercises, may reduce pain, increase mobility and enhance your overall quality of life.

Literally hundreds of conditions can be benefited through therapeutic treatments. Pain code points, motion exercises, some of which are for arthritic conditions, chronic pain, whiplash, migraine, headaches, TMJ, neck and back pain, thoracic outlet, tennis/golfer's elbow, carpal tunnel, scoliosis, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, repetitive strain injuries, and most other pain related conditions may be benefitted through this service. Also Euro/Asian methods of heated herbs can be an additional possibility during treatments.

Relaxing wellness or pain/welless-management treatments have a cumulative effect and can provide a peaceful space in which the body/mind connection is re-established perhaps inviting a sense of harmony and peace.

Be ready to partake in your own well-designed treatment-journey which may include the following modalities: Swedish, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, japanese Anma, Thai Treatments, L&B (European pain code system),  liberating motion exercises, hot rocks, hot towels, essential oils and organic oils.​ Why not feel the difference? 


                 Treatments for you:

   Treatment Options
  1. Heavenly Head Massage
  2. Point and line work to break up adhesions
  3. Wellness: Lomi Lomi, Swedish, Anma (hot rocks, hot towels, hot oils included)
  4. Therapeutic Exercises - Tense/Relax/Stretch
  5. L&B - Range of Motion - 
  6. Thai Treatments such as hot compresses
  7. ​Tok Sen (Thai Treatment)
  8. Deep Relaxation

Ways to Bring Vitality to the Joints

Explore the gentle flow of Motion

This charming class explores pain-points, near joints and muscels. The motion exercises are revitalizing and safe. Opposing tensing-and-relax exercises can help to let go of tension and stagnation. Self-Massage and relaxation are parts to help the mind to calm down - hence invite change.

You are welcome to call or text at (541) 870-8762 for more information.


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